Love Hearts

Yesterday admidst all my dusting, mopping, pantry tearing apart and vacuuming (with my new hoover), there was a knock on my racing green door and a Valentine’s package was placed into my arms.

It was filled with all kinds of wonderful surprises and too many of them! Including the love hearts above. When one is presented with such a gorgeous Valentine’s surprise, you know it is time to take a cleaning break, tear into that package and just enjoy all that delicious candy before you. A girl’s gotta keep her cleaning strength up, you know!

And, most importantly as you munch away on candy while going through all your surprises, you can’t forgot the “Love Heart Eating Rules”, you have to read what your heart says before eating it, Mr. Michie forgot that part yesterday, but I reminded him!

Thanks Mom, Dad & Maisy, you as always, are too generous!