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Easter Packages

I got a Easter surprise in the mail yesterday and it just made my day!

It is snowing outside this morning, like someone has shaken up a snow globe. Coming day hard and fast and then swirling all about.  We have gotten up early to get ready and try and get a train to the bigger town down the tracks, so we can run our errands today.

Fingers crossed, we’ll get there!

{sorry the image is a little grainy, I snapped it quickly on my phone and ran to take out a cherry pie slab from my oven for date night dessert}

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

“Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!” I don’t care how old you are, Julie Andrews belted it out correctly when she sang that line in The Sound of Music, packages are wonderful scrumptious surprises.

There was a package waiting for me yesterday. It was from my adorable sister and some extra treats hidden inside from my very sweet mom.  I am telling you, that just made my day!

Yesterday was a day and a half! My Monday misadventures seem to be carrying me through the week. I have my own little uniform that I wear to work, because I normally come home covered in paint, dust, dirt… you name it, it is probably somewhere on me. So, I never wear anything that is that nice, because of course, it will get ruined. But, yesterday I wore my favorite pair of mustard colored pants with a little white top (white in the Cupboard, what was I thinking?) and a cute green with white polka dot sweater I got when I went shopping with my sister at Target. She got the orange one and I got the green one, that is just plain simple sisterly shopping happiness!

I was setting up for Life Drawing and when I walked back into my room, I noticed that right across my upper legs were two perfectly huge lines of thick black paint. I scrubbed and scrubbed and sprayed and washed, but it is still faintly there, only now it is the color of charcoal. I have one last hope in some magic stuff my mom uses, but if all else fails, I shall cut them up and make something out of them. I haven’t made anything from my stuffed animal book yet, and the pants would make a cute tiger or cat or pony.

It is a sorry thing to be sad over, I know. I am not materialistic, I just really loved these pants. But, the package that was waiting for me, definitely improved my mood! Inside it was a plethora of pink and red and cupcake designed paper. It was Valentine’s in a box!

There was candy for me and for Mr. Michie. There was a cute cupcake tea towel and adorable sweet treat erasers, that I think Gigi and Foxy might just enjoy playing with and heart garland ribbon and a Valentine framed picture of my sweetie pie niece, who I could gobble up and a cute Valentine’s storage container. It made me so very happy. Even better, I got to open it and talk to my sister at the same time via Skype! I am very blessed!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this:

One of these little candy dishes jumped in my cart at Target to live at my sister’s house and she surprised me with one. So now one is living in my house too:

The goods:

No package from my sister’s house would be complete without a Luna hair or two. Luna is the most beautiful Lab lady in the world. She is a black Labrador that could be an Eddie Bauer model:

As always, my family was too generous! That package made me the happiest lady in the world last night! I munched on Dove chocolates and read a most delicious book!

Love Hearts

Yesterday admidst all my dusting, mopping, pantry tearing apart and vacuuming (with my new hoover), there was a knock on my racing green door and a Valentine’s package was placed into my arms.

It was filled with all kinds of wonderful surprises and too many of them! Including the love hearts above. When one is presented with such a gorgeous Valentine’s surprise, you know it is time to take a cleaning break, tear into that package and just enjoy all that delicious candy before you. A girl’s gotta keep her cleaning strength up, you know!

And, most importantly as you munch away on candy while going through all your surprises, you can’t forgot the “Love Heart Eating Rules”, you have to read what your heart says before eating it, Mr. Michie forgot that part yesterday, but I reminded him!

Thanks Mom, Dad & Maisy, you as always, are too generous!

Boxes & Bows & Bags

I don’t think it matters how old you are, the receiving of a package or letter from home is a treasure that brightens your day. It is almost the equivalent of receiving an Oscar when you are in College. After collecting your package from the school post office you carried it proudly all eyes looking at you, coveting it as you headed back to your dorm. Because, inside that box held much needed love from home. I received a birthday package from my sister yesterday and what magnificent bits and pieces it held.

In such a modern society there is nothing still more important to me than to not lose the art of letter writing and gift packaging. Everything inside my box was laid out so beautifully when I opened it. All carefully wrapped and purchased with thought. What is a better gift, no matter how big or how small that is bought with thought? W.H. Auden said,”none will hear the postman’s knock, without a quickening of the heart.” How true that is, an unopened package holds secrets yet to be told.

In some small way I can imagine the joy a letter brought to the pioneer families, they were brave souls. They were adventurers! What a welcome feeling a letter or package brings, it envelops you like a hug. It is these sometimes seemingly ordinary connections to home that make you feel so near to the people you are so very far away from.