I don’t think it matters how old you are, the receiving of a package or letter from home is a treasure that brightens your day. It is almost the equivalent of receiving an Oscar when you are in College. After collecting your package from the school post office you carried it proudly all eyes looking at you, coveting it as you headed back to your dorm. Because, inside that box held much needed love from home. I received a birthday package from my sister yesterday and what magnificent bits and pieces it held.

In such a modern society there is nothing still more important to me than to not lose the art of letter writing and gift packaging. Everything inside my box was laid out so beautifully when I opened it. All carefully wrapped and purchased with thought. What is a better gift, no matter how big or how small that is bought with thought? W.H. Auden said,”none will hear the postman’s knock, without a quickening of the heart.” How true that is, an unopened package holds secrets yet to be told.

In some small way I can imagine the joy a letter brought to the pioneer families, they were brave souls. They were adventurers! What a welcome feeling a letter or package brings, it envelops you like a hug. It is these sometimes seemingly ordinary connections to home that make you feel so near to the people you are so very far away from.