I have a thing for gnomes; they are whimsical, magical, seemingly
happy little creatures. Usually dressed in bright clothing with pointy little hats. They are friends to woodland animals and charming decorators of their red polka dot mushroom houses.

In looking for some vintage ephemera I went to one of my favorite sources, D. Blumchen & Company and I came across a gnome village they had created with instructions coming soon to tell you how to make your own mushroom gnome men.

Although considered a kitsch object, gnomes have been around for generations. In Sweden and Denmark there are numerous vintage postcards and household items with gnome and pixie themes. It has carried on to the present; many of their Christmas decorations revolve around these magical beings. I, myself have a few Danish pixies that come out to play at Christmas and guard over the presents Santa has delivered.

Like Cath Kidston’s Miniature Garden (blog written 5/13/2009), this little model village is again something I find charming and enchanting. Another little world you wish you can step inside and wander around. A world where ladybugs pull your flower laden cart and cozy candles bring a warm glow to the soft inside of mushroom houses, where you sit, sipping tea out of acorn cups next to a crackling fire.

Click on the picture below to go to D. Blumchen & Company’s Website.

sect floral mush header

“Better Gnomes & Gardens” Image by Artist Ken Brown, embellished by J. Michie