The Last Slice

I have been working hard these last few days. I don’t seem to have gotten very far however, this week has been unbelievably busy.  I have been out of the house more than I have been in and trying to do all my sewing in the in-between.

But, tonight I am inside, the dishes are done, the iron is hot and I am just about to make some Jenny Wren tags to sew into little bunny and bear legs. Before I do that, I am going to eat the last slice of this:

The marble cake we made for the Fourth of July has managed to stick around a few days longer than I thought since we have been out so much.  So, the last slice, is mine! After all, a girl needs to keep up her strength when sewing so many little creatures together…

1 thought on “The Last Slice

  1. Debbs

    Belated Happy 4th July.
    O.M.G. – that cake looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. Read your tweet about salty pretzels and chocolate – thought we were the only ones – I set up a little fondue with chocolate, mini marshmellows and pretzels – yum!
    Do you love the Gooseberry Patch cook and craft books by the way?
    Where’s your etsy button, have I missed it?
    Stars Hollow looking good today – I’m off for my free ice-cream from the new store but it won’t be the same without the ‘Ice-Cream’ Queen – I knew she’d change when she went to Yale!!! Debbs

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