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At Day at the Beach

Jennifer Michie Brighton 1

We celebrated the 4th of July by heading to the beach. Mr. Michie has never been to Brighton and it has been many, many moons, since I was last there myself. It’s only about an hour outside of London, so it’s a nice outing on the train. We went to the Royal Pavilion, which is such a fascinating building and lavishly decorated in Oriental decor. We did a spot of shopping in the Lanes and stopped to snack on a sausage and mustard roll.

Jennifer Michie Brighton 2 Jennifer Michie Brighton 3

We walked along the water, strolled to the end of the pier, ate scampi and chips, ice cream, played crazy golf, and visited the aquarium. Which is the world’s oldest operating aquarium and still retains it’s gorgeous victorian gothic structure inside.

Jennifer Michie Brighton 4 Jennifer Michie Brighton 5 Jennifer Michie Brighton 6 Jennifer Michie Brighton 7

We came home feeling like we had just been on a mini vacation. What a treat!

Jennifer Michie Brighton 8

4th of July Pins

Jennifer Michie 4th of July Pins 2014

Just a bit of last minute pin-inspiration for the 4th tomorrow!

1. Fourth of July Ice-Cream Sandwiches, Say Yes
2. Let it Wave, The Adventures of Tartanscot
3. Red, White & Ruffled, Bakerella
4. Americana, It’s A Southern Thing
5. Red, White & Blue Sprinkle Popcorn, A Pretty Cool Life

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Happy Fourth of July

Freedom is never Free. – Author Unknown

I wish all of you a safe and happy Fourth of July and I hope we all take a moment to remember all those who have stood before, who stand now and who will stand in the future for us to continue to have the freedom we are blessed with.