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I was commissioned last week to make a little bear for a brand new baby. Although, too tiny for the Tooth Fairy, this little bear can stay tucked away in her nursery until she is ready for it.

Affectionately known as “Bean” while she was in the womb, she became known as “Beanetta” once the parents found out they were having a little girl.

She was born July 9th, but still does not have a name that suits her. Welcome to the world Beanetta, I hope you have a name soon!

(Polka Dot border from a Pugly Pixel Freebie)

"Hello? Samantha?"

Samantha Nose Wiggle

Dee-dee-dee-dee-d, Dee-dee-dee-dee-d. Well, I am wiggling my nose,  but I guess I don’t have Samantha’s magic.

“Hello? Samantha? Are you there? Could you send a little magic my way, I am ready to wiggle my nose and have this order completed!”

I’m getting there, slowly and surely, in-between work, keeping up things around the house, so we are not swallowed up by “Mount Laundry”, and taking care of a sick husband, I am busy sewing away.

There is a basket of bears and bunnies at my feet, only a few more colors left to cut, embroider and piece together and then they will be on their way!

The Last Slice

I have been working hard these last few days. I don’t seem to have gotten very far however, this week has been unbelievably busy.  I have been out of the house more than I have been in and trying to do all my sewing in the in-between.

But, tonight I am inside, the dishes are done, the iron is hot and I am just about to make some Jenny Wren tags to sew into little bunny and bear legs. Before I do that, I am going to eat the last slice of this:

The marble cake we made for the Fourth of July has managed to stick around a few days longer than I thought since we have been out so much.  So, the last slice, is mine! After all, a girl needs to keep up her strength when sewing so many little creatures together…

Above Water

Is this week over already? I am ready for it to be and it is only Tuesday! I got my biggest order yet from RosaBlue and I have been busily cutting away felt, embroidering pockets and faces on bears and bunnies, ironing wrens on fabric labels…

I am just trying to take it slow, to do them in color batches, so I don’t get overwhelmed. Between trying to keep the household chores up, take care of this order, go to work and prepare for my new job (in which I am doing the “handover” this week), I am endeavouring to keep my head above water.

But, when I feel overwhelmed and nothing seems to be getting accomplished, I take some “Jack Byrnes Wisdom” and I step back, take a deep breath, take a break and go back to it in a little while. It will all get accomplished, not everything all at once, maybe not as quickly as I intended or how I planned and organized it, but in the end it will all get done.

So, right now, I am just focusing on keeping my head above water, I’ve always liked a good challenge, so I am more than ready to take this on….

(Image: Esther Williams found on Flickr)


I was asked a few days ago to make two bears, for a new little person named Harry and his big sister, Dora.  The bear design was picked over the bunnies, one pink and one blue, with their names embroidered on the back for them.

They are wrapped up with candy striped tissue paper to go into the post this morning (I should have dressed them in rain coats and wellies with the awful weather we are having!) and I hope they make their new little people very happy! Even though Harry is too teeny for a visit from the Tooth Fairy, I know it will come in handy one day!

Welcome to the World, Harry!

Rainbow Sherbert

I always photograph my bears and bunnies upon completion, but, for my last order as I lined a few of them up, their colors reminded me of a bowl of rainbow sherbet.

When my sister and I were little she would always pick that flavour if we were taken to Baskin-Robbins for a scoop of ice-cream.

I had either french vanilla or more often than not: pink bubblegum, because it was pink and there were bubblegum pieces in it you could chew when you were done, it was like having 2 desserts!

These little guys reminded me of bowls of ice-cream and their little personalities that came through as I was sewing were just as sweet as that luscious scoop on a sugared cone.

(Ice-Cream images copyright Baskin-Robbins, embellished by J. Michie)

Light Box Happiness

I am covered in little pieces of felt at the moment and busy sewing away. I have another bear and bunny order.

So I have steadily been cutting and sewing and marking on little bunny whiskers and bear faces and this process has been made all the more easier by my new light box.

My adorable ginger was tired of seeing me use the lamp as my light box and one evening I came home and sitting on the table was a shiny new light box just for me! Now that, to me, is l♥ve! It has made my life a million-bajillion times easier! I am now, quite happily nestled in my little corner of the room I’ve carved out as my studio space, working away and listening to music.

This is what I have playing in my ears at the moment from the Away We Go soundtrack. I really liked this movie. It is just about being, about finding who you are and where you belong and who you belong with, its story was sweet.

I have also been busy ironing away this morning, making more Jenny Wren labels to be sewn into little bear and bunny legs, so now,  I am going back to stitching on fluffy bunny tales and putting teddy bear ears together….

Blanket Statement

This morning the sun is shining yet again, the little pot of bulbs by my front door are ready to pop open and a rap at my racing green door was opened to find my jolly postman waiting for me with a parcel in his hands.

What was in my delicious parcel? This:

It was written by the lovely Vicki Haninger, who runs the Turkey Feathers Blog and the Pattern Bee web shop where she sells wonderful vintage and retro embroidery designs.

I have been desiring this little book ever since I saw her cute elephant doll, sweetly dressed for a party with a heart bejeweled crown on her head. But you could not get it in England and I could never find it when I went home to visit. So, thank goodness you can now get it through Amazon UK, that makes me 1 very happy camper!

So, sitting down with a steaming cup of tea, I tore into this package like a child on Christmas morning and I flipped through, oohed and aaghed and then I flipped through again and oohed and aaghed some more.

What a sweet treasure this book is and the other ideas it has already started spawning in my head… it is really adorable!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on your own copy, you can already begin making a project from her book. She offers this darling little lambkin pattern on her website. It looks like something straight out of a vintage shop. I can just see the 1950’s little girl it belonged to in her pink coat and matching bonnet with this little lamb tucked under her arm.

I can’t wait to get started making some of the projects out of here. But, first there are bears and bunnies to be made for RosaBlue, so I am busy happily stitching away!

Click on the Lambkin for a pattern and directions:

Chocolate, Hearts & Roses

Look what fell into my hands this morning as I ran to the store to get a pint of milk… Oh happiness is! I have already had a sneak peek flip through of pages filled with pink hearts and a chocolate lover’s heaven.

I am so happy today is Friday, because when I finish all my little jobs today, I am curling up on the couch with this in one hand and a good cup of hot chocolate in the other.  Until then, I am using the beautiful cover (I love the meringue hearts!) to spur me on in my projects.

I am just about finished with a small Valentine’s bear order….

100th Post!

I can’t believe it! Today I am writing my 100th post! We have done a little work in the flowerpots this morning, cutting back and sweeping things up.

We had to make a milk run this a.m. and my grocery store surprise was 3 brightly colored primroses.  So they are now happily nestled into their new homes and will bring a smile to my face every time I come into our cottage door.

I still can’t get rid of the last remnants of Christmas.  With the weather still being so icy here, my Christmas wreath is still living merrily on my front door. So, off came the bow I had made for it and on went a heart hung in the middle for Valentine’s Day.  I am going to keep enjoying this little wintry wreath as long as I can.

I am still hard at work on crafting my little bears, a personalized pink colored bear has been added on to my order.  So, that will be my last bear to complete, along with 3 little bunnies that need to be stuffed.

They have just had their fluffy little tails sewn on and are more than ready to be filled with marshmallowy fluff and be sewn up, so they can hop on into their wee traveling box to be posted on their way to RosaBlue.

(Image of the Cake Invitation & Sweets from the BabyGardener, embellished by Jennifer Michie)