There are only 13 more days to go until Valentine’s! YIPPEE! I love celebrating Valentine’s, especially the fun of it when you were little. We made shoebox “mailboxes” and got to decorate them in our classroom. Covering them with Valentine’s colored construction paper and hearts and glitter…

My mom would take us shopping and we got to pick out what box of Valentine’s we wanted to give. One year I picked a box of retro Valentine’s cards to give away. The box was filled with cute cowboys, puppies, girls cooking in the kitchen. I loved the designs. Maybe that really started my love of vintage, I don’t know? But, I have always collected vintage postcards and I have a nice collection of Valentine’s & Christmas ones I dot around the house.

I would work hard one evening writing out my little cards for my classmates and then we had a morning where we all walked around and deposited them in the owner’s mailbox.

Oh! the anticipation of pulling open the wee door to see what awaited us inside. Some people would have cards that held heart shaped lollipops and I savored it as I worked at my little desk, legs swinging underneath.  Sucking away until all the white writing came off… Or, I would be munching away on a little box of love hearts, reading the messages on top (because those are the rules) before I popped them in my mouth!

Two Crazy Crafters have been doing a really nice job of putting up all kinds of vintage Valentine’s images and they have a list of projects to create with them as well. So, if you are looking for a little vintage Valentine inspiration, check them out.