Riding the Rails

It is bitterly cold here. The sun is shining today, as it was yesterday when we were out, although that Mr. Old Sun, didn’t seem to make much of a difference to the temperature outside.

There was ice everywhere and a very hard frost on the ground. We were in multiple layers, but still the cold just managed to wriggle in through your clothes and we stayed in a constant state of freezing, even some of the stores didn’t put their heat on! That was just mean!

On our way home from a very frosty day out grocery shopping and running errands (I found heart shaped silicone cupcake holders–yeah) we jumped on the train and had a little (or not so little) train passenger riding along with us! It made me HAPPY!!

It was like having a big teddy bear in our compartment! I am sure she was warm with all that lovely fur!