Cath Kidston Happiness

I had to run some errands this morning and just as I was locking the door my jolly postman came by and delivered this wonderful catalogue into my hands. After, doing the few things I needed to do, I picked up a coffee and a cupcake treat to enjoy while I poured through the pages of this little book of happiness.

I had some spending money I brought with me to Cornwall and did not really spend any of it, so I am treating myself to a Cath Kidston Christmas item. I think possibly a Christmas tablecloth, as I don’t have one.

I have placemats and runners and fabric that I use but not an official Christmas tablecloth and this one is too adorably retro, I LOVE it! And, it will make my kitchen table look really cheerful.

I am now going back to cozy up on the couch, thumb through those pages one more time and then force myself to put it down and carry on working on my little bunny blanket.