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Happy Fourth of July!

🇺🇸🧨✨ Happy Fourth of July! ✨🧨🇺🇸

{Promotional portrait of American actor Sally Field sitting on a wooden surfboard with an American flag and eating a watermelon, for the television series, “Gidget”, circa 1965. | Photo by ABC Television/Getty Images | Pinned HERE}

It’s Not Wednesday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. So, I wasn’t really off to great a start when I realised it was only Tuesday.

It is cool, bordering on chilly and gorgeously sunny outside and I’m stuck indoors waiting for a package to arrive that was supposed to have arrived yesterday. I’ve been assured it is on the delivery truck making its way to my front door. But I don’t quite believe it, since this process of trying to get it delivered has been going on for about a week now. In the grand scheme of things, I know this isn’t a big deal, there are bigger deals going on in the world right now, then worrying about a package. But, in my own little world, I find it frustrating to be stuck indoors on a day like this.

I’m using the time to my advantage and catching up on some paperwork and articles that I have been meaning to read. Getting laundry done and listening to music.

One article I read related to British Pathé. They were a company who created newsreels and documentary films from 1910-1970. Their work is now digitised and you can watch them online. There are a number of their films that completely enchant me. The first film reel of theirs that I truly remember seeing was “The House That Jack Built”. It was projected on the wall of an exhibition I attended on British Folk Art. It was so very British and absolutely hypnotic!

This article was specifically about their “how it’s made” film series. While I’m waiting for a knock at my door, I thought I’d share with you three of my favourites. I especially love how thermoses are made. I’ve got my eyes peeled for an old thermos to make something out of. I’ll know the right one when I see it! These films are fascinating, charming and jolly good fun. I just adore the clothes and the hair. Especially the blue dress the Wedgwood lass is wearing with her hair piled high (she’s painting a coffee pot)!



It is only Monday and I think I need a vacation! What a crazy hazy day this has been!

I am loving my new job, always something different, always moving here and there and I like that. I have been busy designing a few things for the big Art trip happening in a few weeks, so Photoshop and I have been in full swing creating an interactive type guide for the students to use.

I am also finding more and more goodies to photograph for In the Art Cupboard, the pile is growing bigger and bigger so stay tuned…

(Image: Found in Mom’s Basement)

"Hello? Samantha?"

Samantha Nose Wiggle

Dee-dee-dee-dee-d, Dee-dee-dee-dee-d. Well, I am wiggling my nose,  but I guess I don’t have Samantha’s magic.

“Hello? Samantha? Are you there? Could you send a little magic my way, I am ready to wiggle my nose and have this order completed!”

I’m getting there, slowly and surely, in-between work, keeping up things around the house, so we are not swallowed up by “Mount Laundry”, and taking care of a sick husband, I am busy sewing away.

There is a basket of bears and bunnies at my feet, only a few more colors left to cut, embroider and piece together and then they will be on their way!

Cath Kidston Happiness

I had to run some errands this morning and just as I was locking the door my jolly postman came by and delivered this wonderful catalogue into my hands. After, doing the few things I needed to do, I picked up a coffee and a cupcake treat to enjoy while I poured through the pages of this little book of happiness.

I had some spending money I brought with me to Cornwall and did not really spend any of it, so I am treating myself to a Cath Kidston Christmas item. I think possibly a Christmas tablecloth, as I don’t have one.

I have placemats and runners and fabric that I use but not an official Christmas tablecloth and this one is too adorably retro, I LOVE it! And, it will make my kitchen table look really cheerful.

I am now going back to cozy up on the couch, thumb through those pages one more time and then force myself to put it down and carry on working on my little bunny blanket.