I love my little cottage, it is the perfect size for the two of us! But, there are times, especially when I am in crafting mode, that I wish our house was bigger, to accommodate the two of us each doing our own projects.

I would quite happily move into the “Baby Boom” house. I have always loved this yellow house with its blue shutters. I love the quaint country kitchen with the fabric lined cabinets and the fireplace, which I would have cheerfully lit and burning bright in the winter, while I was putting up my applesauce, of course!A house that looks perfect any time of year, and has such Christmas potential. I know when we do buy a house it will have to have Christmas potential, we can fix up anything, but I have to know it will look magical with wreaths hanging from every window and candles lit and a tree by the front door… It will be so hard to find the right house for us, we love so many different architectural styles, but, the right one is out there!

As much as I crave space at times, we are truly blessed with what we have and how much do you really need? So, there are days when I wish I wasn’t the dishwasher and I had more room to spread out my projects, but as evening comes sooner now and I close the curtains and light the candles, I can’t think of a cozier place to be than right where I am; cooking dinner, enjoying life and snuggling up on the couch with my adorable husband after a long day. Because, it doesn’t matter where you are, it is who you are with!

All Images used were taken from HookedonHouses.