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Soldiering On

Jennifer Michie Wood

Do you know what it feels like to be walking out of the ocean and be knocked down by a wave? That feeling when you are dragged under and you try to fight your way to the top gasping for air, but are knocked down again? That is how I feel lately.

I’m still in a state of disbelief that Brexit is carrying forward. Even though this was simply a referendum and Parliament has yet to say that it will be acted on; that Article 50 will be invoked. Everything is moving on as if we will leave the EU. It’s just this giant snowball effect that seems to be gaining huge momentum before it crashes into the brick wall at the end of the hill.

I’m hearing so many stories at the moment from others and they are shocking! One such story comes from one of my husband’s colleagues. A man working with her husband who is originally from Pakistan and has lived here for maybe 10 years, is now a citizen of the UK. Last week he voted to LEAVE! His reason, he stated was because of immigration. Ironic isn’t it? I mean what do you say to that? How do you combat ignorance? How do you combat moronism?

Jennifer Michie Moss

I try to use my morning walks to clear my head. At the moment, I seem to be listening to a lot of Miles Davis and Alec Baldwin’s Podcast “Here’s The Thing”. Yesterday, I caught up on one I had missed from February of this year, where he spoke to Molly Ringwald. I’ve long been a Brat Pack fan and like many others, I’m sure, I was shaped by, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. To this day, my sister and I still shout out lines from The Breakfast Club to each other. In catching up on some blog reading this morning, I saw on Julia’s site that Sam’s house in Sixteen Candles is currently on the market. It’s always funny to me how things seem to collide. When you notice something and suddenly it starts popping up everywhere.

Jennifer Michie Snail Jennifer Michie Breakfast

I used my walks to exhale. To continue to see the beauty around me and I am blessed to always be rewarded. I came across a snail this morning, slowly making his way across the sidewalk. His shell was lovely. I watched a bunny eating his breakfast in someone’s front yard. I watched the sun play peek-a-boo with the clouds. I feasted on a cup of tea and two toasted slices of banana bread this morning with apricot jam. I just was.

"Bewitching" Houses

I love Halloween and all that it conjures up. One of my favorite conjurings being: witches. I wouldn’t mind  being Samantha Stephens, I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again, who wouldn’t want to wiggle their nose and have things happen? I want to wiggle my nose and have my house cleaned, dinner on the table and all the laundry done.

But, since I can’t do that, I thought I would settle for sharing with you some of my favorite witches’ houses. The first being non other than Samantha’s from “Bewitched”. I loved watching that show as a child and still watch it any time I catch an episode while flipping through the TV.

One of my most beloved episodes was when her daughter Tabitha turns herself into an oatmeal raisin cookie. Samantha, her mother Endora and her in-laws look all over for the “missing” Tabitha. Sam and her mother know that she has turned herself into something to hide, but they are not sure what. Sam only discovers what Tabitha has changed into when she looks at the plate of cookies sitting on her dining room table and one of them smiles back at her.

I loved their house on Morning Glory Circle and that is the first I will share with you. It is adorably 1960’s and the couch in their living room would fit in perfectly in an episode of “Mad Men”. My Nana had avocado colored appliances in her kitchen when I was growing up and still does. Her stove is adorably retro and something I would love to have, if I had a home of my own to put it in.

The second house is the “Bewitched” movie house. Although, I didn’t think the film truly did the show justice, the sets were stunning and I am enamored with the house they had Nicole Kidman live in. The kitchen was magical and I would be more than happy with that painted fireplace. The entire house just felt very open and airy, yet still cozy. It was all very enchanting.

Last, but not least, is a house where Nicole Kidman first played a witch with her “sister” Sandra Bullock, in “Practical Magic”. I adore the fact that they have a private staircase that comes down into their kitchen, that is a bit of a dream of mine, to have that one day in a home. This house seems to hold a true essence of magic and would fit right in, along any house in Salem.

What a bunch of bewitching houses for Halloween!

(All images from Hooked on Houses)

Luke’s Diner

There is rain steadily pouring outside of my window, the warm weather has now turned cool and in order to function this morning, I think I need to head on down to Luke’s Diner and meet Lorelai and Rory for a giant cup of coffee and some pancakes, or chilli cheese fries, or a doughnut as big as my face.

Alas, there is no Luke’s in my town, he exists only in Stars Hollow on the set of The Gilmore Girls and after a day like yesterday and how my morning is already shaping up today, I wish I could move right into that TV neighbourhood and I could have Rory’s pink striped couch… That couch just looks HAPPY!

(Gilmore Girls images from Hooked on Houses)

The Holiday

I have the couch to myself, our Easter package has arrived from my wonderful parents and I am sitting curled up with a blanket and some jelly beans (I love the pink colored ones) and as the key holder of the remote control I am blissfully watching the wonderfully delightful movie “The Holiday”! What could be better than a Christmas movie on TV?

Right now, I can’t think of anything better than this, this is happiness! I love this film, I would move in to that cottage tomorrow. It is a shame that it doesn’t really exist, because I am in love with it – her kitchen, with its duck egg blue cabinets and giant fireplace,  her glorious bookshelves and inviting looking furniture.

I can relate to living in something so cramped and cozy, unfortunately though, I don’t have a fireplace in my bedroom like Kate Winslet does, that would be a dream. But, that is probably a good thing, because between that and my very comfy fluffy bed, I might never leave my room…

Hope there is a little drop of rainbow happiness in your day!

(Images from the Hooked on Houses Blog)

Baby Boom Dream House

I love my little cottage, it is the perfect size for the two of us! But, there are times, especially when I am in crafting mode, that I wish our house was bigger, to accommodate the two of us each doing our own projects.

I would quite happily move into the “Baby Boom” house. I have always loved this yellow house with its blue shutters. I love the quaint country kitchen with the fabric lined cabinets and the fireplace, which I would have cheerfully lit and burning bright in the winter, while I was putting up my applesauce, of course!A house that looks perfect any time of year, and has such Christmas potential. I know when we do buy a house it will have to have Christmas potential, we can fix up anything, but I have to know it will look magical with wreaths hanging from every window and candles lit and a tree by the front door… It will be so hard to find the right house for us, we love so many different architectural styles, but, the right one is out there!

As much as I crave space at times, we are truly blessed with what we have and how much do you really need? So, there are days when I wish I wasn’t the dishwasher and I had more room to spread out my projects, but as evening comes sooner now and I close the curtains and light the candles, I can’t think of a cozier place to be than right where I am; cooking dinner, enjoying life and snuggling up on the couch with my adorable husband after a long day. Because, it doesn’t matter where you are, it is who you are with!

All Images used were taken from HookedonHouses.