The Holiday

I have the couch to myself, our Easter package has arrived from my wonderful parents and I am sitting curled up with a blanket and some jelly beans (I love the pink colored ones) and as the key holder of the remote control I am blissfully watching the wonderfully delightful movie “The Holiday”! What could be better than a Christmas movie on TV?

Right now, I can’t think of anything better than this, this is happiness! I love this film, I would move in to that cottage tomorrow. It is a shame that it doesn’t really exist, because I am in love with it – her kitchen, with its duck egg blue cabinets and giant fireplace,  her glorious bookshelves and inviting looking furniture.

I can relate to living in something so cramped and cozy, unfortunately though, I don’t have a fireplace in my bedroom like Kate Winslet does, that would be a dream. But, that is probably a good thing, because between that and my very comfy fluffy bed, I might never leave my room…

Hope there is a little drop of rainbow happiness in your day!

(Images from the Hooked on Houses Blog)