I was catching up with some of my Blog reading this morning and when I went to Jennifer Murphy’s Blog, “andothersillythings“, I saw this adorable picture staring back at me and I fell in love! It is getting cooler, but there have been a few days when I am not sure if the weather can make up its mind to completely turn to Fall or to just try and squeeze the last few drops of sunshine and warmth out of Summer.

Yesterday was officially the 1st day of Fall, so we should definitely be heading into the glorious land of crispy leaves crunching under foot, warm cinnamon apple pies and bundling up under the covers.

If you have not heard of Jennifer Murphy, she is a very talented artist and makes the sweetest designs. I loved the collections she did for Seasons of Cannon Falls, I have a few pieces from the series, one of my favorite being a little elephant named “Ellie”.

I have always had a thing for imagining animals as humans, dressing them up like that and giving them human personalities and traits. Her pieces just bring these little creatures to life. They have so much personality, with a vintage feel and they are whimsical and cute! As she says, “Everyone needs a little dose of cute these days!” Isn’t that the truth!

A few years ago, she was on the Martha Stewart show, and did a tutorial on how to make felt pumpkin people, I have included the link below in case you feel the need for a little dose of cute too! Click here to go to Martha’s website with directions and a How-To video.


(the images used are copyrighted to Jennifer Murphy and The Martha Stewart Show)