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Thanksgiving Pins

Just a few things that have caught my eye lately:

Jennifer Michie Thanksgiving Pins

1. An adorable turkey by the lovely Jennifer Murphy // And other silly things…
2. Roasted turkey, cranberry and brie grilled cheese // Heather Christo
3. Blushing Pumpkin // French Kissed
4. 30 Table Ideas // Style me Pretty
5. Cranberry Sorbet Champagne Fizz // Annie’s Eats
6. Spice Pumpkin Layer Cake // Annie’s Eats
7. Thanksgiving Tablescapes // Cottage & Vine

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A Spring Bunny

If this little bunny doesn’t say, “Spring”! I don’t know what does!

The bunnies are out, I have seen them munching away on clover while on my way to yoga in the evening.

The sunshine has come out to play this week, but it is still cool in the evenings, we are slowly moving in to what my Grandmother would call: “Blackberry Winter”.

(Image by Jennifer Murphy)

Gobble! Gobble!

Its almost Turkey Day and these little felt turkeys by Jennifer Murphy are truly sweet.

As always, her designs are whimsical and look like they have walked through a magic vintage door.

(Image by Jennifer Murphy/embellished by J. Michie)

Pom Pom Bunny Girl

This elfin sized Pom-Pom Bunny, by the very lovely Jennifer Murphy has been in my little project file for awhile now. I don’t think she is going to be made this Easter, with all the other projects I have on the go at the moment…

But, her vintage sweetness would look very cute on my kitchen table or next to my Easter egg tree. I need the rain to hold off on Saturday so we can go on our twig hunt. Easter is almost here and I haven’t collected twigs yet for my tree, once that is done we can get the eggs out to hang up and really feel like Spring is here.

To make your own Pom-Pom Bunny Girl follow the directions below:

Tools and Materials
Waxed thread
Felt glue (such as Beacon’s)
Tiny black beads
Pink embroidery floss
Heavy thread
Chenille stem
Paper cupcake liners
Pinking sheers
Vintage flowers (optional)
Small circle of wood
Off-white paint
Pink paper

 Pom-Pom Bunny How-To

1. Print Bunny How-To PDF to follow along with when creating the pom-pom bunnies. Make two separate pom-poms of equal size by winding yarn around two fingers. Tie pom-pom tightly in middle with waxed thread.
2. Use scissors to clip loops and create frayed ends. Trim a larger pom-pom into an oval for the body. Trim a smaller pom-pom to create a head.
3. Cut ears out of felt. Fold and glue the bottom of each ear to give it dimension, and hold into place with a hemostat until dry.
4. Glue ears into the head with felt glue.
5. Glue bead eyes into place.
6. String pink embroidery floss through the space where the nose should be. Trim.
7. Knot a double-threaded needle with heavy thread; pull through and clip long for whiskers.
8. Open a space in the body for the arms and legs made of chenille stems. Glue chenille stem into pom-pom body.
9. Fold chenille stem in half so cut end gets hidden inside the pom-pom for both the arms and legs. Fold legs vertically, and arms horizontally. For the legs, fold them so the bunny becomes the desired height.
10. Glue head onto body.
11. To make the bunny’s skirt, cut the circular bottoms of two paper cupcake liners with pinking sheers.
12. Glue the two pieces together at the waist.
13. Tie a bow around bunny’s neck using ribbon.
14. With glue, tack the skirt onto the bunny on the front, back, and under each arm. Dab small dots of glue around the top of the skirt and attach.
15. Bend the bunny’s arms. Glue on vintage flowers for decoration.
16. To create a base, paint a small circle of wood off-white. Trace the circle on pink paper.
17. Cut just inside line with pinking sheers and glue onto the wooden base.
18. Bend the bunny’s feet at the ankle. Glue feet onto the wooden base.
(All images & tutorial text copyright Martha Stewart)

I Missed It!

Oh, yet again the gorgeous and creative Jennifer Murphy did a Holiday update and I missed my chance to get a little Valentine person.

Her work is sweet and whimsical, and would easily pass as a vintage piece. The animals have such kind faces, each with their own personality, they are a treasure to behold. I just wanted to share a few pics from her upload to bring a little sunshine into your day; if it is like mine, it is a extremely cold day, although the sun is sprinkling through the patches of clouds and giving the morning a warm glow.

We are getting ready for SNOW, it is supposed to come this weekend, so we might be frosted in for Valentine’s Day…. The Eastern Seaboard blizzard is heading our way, Brrrrr! If, looking at these little figures doesn’t make you feel warm and cozy inside, I don’t know what will?

To visit her adorable Blog and links to her website please click here:

Its Getting Cooler Here too…..

I was catching up with some of my Blog reading this morning and when I went to Jennifer Murphy’s Blog, “andothersillythings“, I saw this adorable picture staring back at me and I fell in love! It is getting cooler, but there have been a few days when I am not sure if the weather can make up its mind to completely turn to Fall or to just try and squeeze the last few drops of sunshine and warmth out of Summer.

Yesterday was officially the 1st day of Fall, so we should definitely be heading into the glorious land of crispy leaves crunching under foot, warm cinnamon apple pies and bundling up under the covers.

If you have not heard of Jennifer Murphy, she is a very talented artist and makes the sweetest designs. I loved the collections she did for Seasons of Cannon Falls, I have a few pieces from the series, one of my favorite being a little elephant named “Ellie”.

I have always had a thing for imagining animals as humans, dressing them up like that and giving them human personalities and traits. Her pieces just bring these little creatures to life. They have so much personality, with a vintage feel and they are whimsical and cute! As she says, “Everyone needs a little dose of cute these days!” Isn’t that the truth!

A few years ago, she was on the Martha Stewart show, and did a tutorial on how to make felt pumpkin people, I have included the link below in case you feel the need for a little dose of cute too! Click here to go to Martha’s website with directions and a How-To video.


(the images used are copyrighted to Jennifer Murphy and The Martha Stewart Show)