The day of the Fair was an early one. I was up at 5 am and after showering, double-checking I had everything that I needed; I was out the door and on my way. There was already a flurry of activity when I arrived.

The sun was beaming through the trees and drying up the morning dew. The stallholders who had already arrived were moving methodically and quietly. Everyone was concentrating on setting up their stall and getting ready for the fun but long day.

It didn’t take me long to set up and before we all knew it, customers started to appear. The weather held out for us and we had a steady flow of people. Children squealed at the sight of the dollhouse they could play in and had their own tea parties inside while their mother’s had grown-up tea parties at one of the quilt covered tables. You would see everyone making 2 to 3 loops around the stalls trying to take everything in, before stopping to have tea and then going back to make purchases.

It was an exciting day and I got my first big break. Penelope, another stallholder and owner of RosaBlue (, came over to look at my stand and after seeing my products she was interested in trading with me.

Our first venture together will be selling my “tooth” bears to her and offering a personalizing service to her customers who want a child’s name placed on their particular bear. I am thrilled and hoping to be able to have some of my other products sold by her in the future.

The day was over all too quickly and after breaking down my stand and helping to clean up we all sat down and toasted the day and the sunset with a glass of wine. After hugs and kisses goodbye, to some friends I won’t see again until November, I gathered up my stock and decided to take the long way home to just have time to myself to reflect upon the day.

Click on the Pictures Below to see some of what the day held.