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Happy New Year’s Eve

We are ready to ring in the New Year, hoping that it brings better tidings than this last one did. However, there is a silver lining to all things. This past year, Mr. Michie and I have been blessed to spend a lot of quality time with one another and for that I am forever grateful. In all the ups and downs that occurred in 2020, we have, as we always do, faced them together. I am blessed that I have a partner by my side who is truly a ‘partner’ in every sense of the word. We leave this year behind with a renewed sense of gratitude for each other. We will shepherd in that appreciation to the New Year.

I come from a family that makes the best of every situation and tries to find the humour in things. And I know that so many people have joked this year that they are “surviving, one glass of wine at a time” and I do see the funny side to that. But, I don’t want to be just “surviving”, I want to be thriving! And that is what we did in 2020 and that is what we will continue to do in 2021.

Wishing love and light to you all as we close the book on this past year and open a new one tomorrow. 

{Image: Arthur Sarnoff “Happy New Year!”, The Progressive Farmer Magazine Cover 1958 // Pinned HERE}

The Christmas Angel

When Mr. Michie and I were first married we searched high and low for the perfect angel for our tree. She couldn’t be just any old angel, she had to be special. We searched here and there for quite some time and one day, I came across this angel and she spoke to me.

I met the artist who created her out of vintage French millinery items and had handcrafted and painted her face. Claire was a kindred spirit and I knew this angel was supposed to be ours. I asked if she had a name and I was told it was Genevieve, that sealed the deal!

She was nestled into a pink striped box and tied up with a vintage ribbon. So, home she came with me and we have enjoyed taking her out every Christmas. She looks like she could be on top of a Christmas tree in Little Women.

This year, I have put up a smaller tree in the bedroom and so Genevieve is gracing our mantel instead. She looked so pretty in the white wintery light this morning I just had to take a picture of her. Is there a special item that sits atop your tree every year? I’d love to know if there is!

Sing For Christmas

I love vintage Children’s books and I collect them as I see them, only the ones that really strike me. I wonder what happened to the little person they belonged to, their name written inside either scrawled in their own handwriting or written with a message of love from the people that gave it to them.  What life did they lead, what life has this book lead?

I love illustrations, it is the image that grabs you before the words and these old drawings by Gustaf Tenggren from Sing for Christmas are so sweet. They have a wonderful German appeal to them, looking like the gorgeous wooden German Christmas ornaments made by Wendt & Kuhn.

These images made me smile and so I thought I would share them.  I have found them in two places, the first being the wonderful ASIFA website, which is a treasure! And, the second being the Golden Gems Blog.

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…at the 2009 Christmas Fair that is! The Fair was a great success, for all involved! It has taken me up to today to get my breath back! What a day!Everyone had so much fun and the Charity did really well.

I made 3 more little Christmas bags on Thursday night to bump my table out a bit more and I was going to make another one but my husband said he was unplugging my sewing machine if I didn’t stop, I just needed to rest. So, in fear of being unplugged, I snuggled up on the couch with him instead.

I could not sleep from all the excitement, I was up at 4 and it was a frosty morning when I left the house at 6:30. Everything was quiet and calm and it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts as I walked to the Fair.

The front porch was decorated so sweetly and that immediately put you in the Christmas mood.Upon entering the house, Christmas music was already going and Ella Fitzgerald was crooning you through the doorway. I made 3 Christmas mixer Cd’s a few years ago and that is what plays throughout the day, I was in dreamland getting to listen to Christmas music all day long.

After, putting the finishing touches on my table, I took the chance to look around everyone else’s stall, I oohed and aahed and began to do a little Christmas shopping of my own before the crowds arrived. A beautifully hand painted, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” sign, a vintage green trunk and a vintage school poster with a snowman scene were just a few of the treasures I found.

Lucky for me, my stand was next to the very sweet Penelope of RosaBlue. Everyone’s stall looked splendid! There was such a nice mixture of new things, antiques and homemade items, as a customer you were definitely spoiled for choice.

The day went by too quickly and as we were packing up, it was sad to think that I will not see some of my “fair” friends again until the Summer Fair or even next year’s Christmas Fair; but, to a cozy house we will all march to get warm by the Aga, enjoy a cup of tea, catch up with each other and spend a day of “work” just having fun!

I have a commission for my “Oh What Fun!” blanket, so I am off to cut out hearts and start stitching away in my own little world with some Christmas music in the background of course!

I Spy With My Little Eye….

While taking a morning stroll this week through the woods, camera in one hand, cup of coffee in the other we ended up playing more of an “I spy” game than having a relaxing stroll. Taking pictures of what I could, I attempted to record our findings.

Just like the day we watched the little toads bubbling out through the woods(see post: Taking Time to Breath, 6/30/2009), there are so many things happening around you, if you just stop and look. We met a little brown mouse, walking along an old fallen tree. He kept going underneath and coming out to sit on top of a limb, but he wouldn’t sit still long enough for us to get a photograph.

Moving along we went to see if the baby coots were up yet and while sitting on a bench, watching the former evening’s raindrops glisten on the lily pads in the bright sun, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Ever so slowly, I moved my head to see a muntjac walking along the water grass in a side pool of the pond and getting something to drink.

He didn’t seem to mind our presence. He looked our way once and seemed to simply nod at us and then carried on drinking. After quenching his thirst he turned and slowly sauntered up the little hill and through the woods. To see that was a morning gift from God.

Cutting through a different path, my husband noticed something in the woods. What fabulous hawk eyes he has! We found an old “Pilot” clothes wringer, just lying there. The handle was very rusty and the rubber wringers were filled with little rotting creases, but the writing was very clear. Where had it come from? Why was it there? For how long had it been there? So many questions, but alas it is not able to speak and tell us.

Coming back to the main path we were greeted by a not to happy giant neon green emperor dragonfly that literally chased us down the path. We decided it was time to go to the other side of the woods and walk through the ferns. It is like something from Jurassic park with all the ferns around you, some taller than us. A lot of little birds seem to live amongst the ferns, flitting in and out, along with the butterflies.

We weren’t there for very long when we heard the pitter-patter of rain overhead. Protected by the canopy of trees we made our way to a main path and then out to the open common. By that time the rain had passed and I was able to photograph the “Pilgrim’s House” that sits on the edge of the common. The chimneys are such outstanding pieces of craftsmanship. I love there embossed tile work. I snapped quickly, since the clouds were beginning to pool overhead again. Scurrying home we made it in the door just before the heavens opened.

All the Fun of the Fair!

The day of the Fair was an early one. I was up at 5 am and after showering, double-checking I had everything that I needed; I was out the door and on my way. There was already a flurry of activity when I arrived.

The sun was beaming through the trees and drying up the morning dew. The stallholders who had already arrived were moving methodically and quietly. Everyone was concentrating on setting up their stall and getting ready for the fun but long day.

It didn’t take me long to set up and before we all knew it, customers started to appear. The weather held out for us and we had a steady flow of people. Children squealed at the sight of the dollhouse they could play in and had their own tea parties inside while their mother’s had grown-up tea parties at one of the quilt covered tables. You would see everyone making 2 to 3 loops around the stalls trying to take everything in, before stopping to have tea and then going back to make purchases.

It was an exciting day and I got my first big break. Penelope, another stallholder and owner of RosaBlue (www.rosablue.com), came over to look at my stand and after seeing my products she was interested in trading with me.

Our first venture together will be selling my “tooth” bears to her and offering a personalizing service to her customers who want a child’s name placed on their particular bear. I am thrilled and hoping to be able to have some of my other products sold by her in the future.

The day was over all too quickly and after breaking down my stand and helping to clean up we all sat down and toasted the day and the sunset with a glass of wine. After hugs and kisses goodbye, to some friends I won’t see again until November, I gathered up my stock and decided to take the long way home to just have time to myself to reflect upon the day.

Click on the Pictures Below to see some of what the day held.


Summertime is Calling Me

As summer finally begins to wave her hand over this quaint part of the world, fetes begin to appear all over the countryside. They bring the young and old together to enjoy the festivities. Often outside, they take in the best that the English summer has to offer. Whatever the weather may be the fete soldiers on, oblivious to any thing that will put a damper on the day.

A local friend of mine puts on a fair twice a year to support a nearby charity. The summer fair is soon approaching at the beginning of June and I have been working away at the moment making all kinds of handmade items for my table.

There is a large selection for guests coming to the fair to choose from. Tables spill over with the sellers’ wares. Adorned in pretty tablecloths and vintage quilts, decorated with homemade bunting and tents, the fair is a chance for artists of all genres to come together and sell their goods. Some stalls feature established shop keepers with their tables overflowing with vintage treasures and baked goods; others feature those of us who use this an opportunity to sell items we have worked hard making over the past few months.

I usually have a bake sale table, but this year I am trying my hand at something different. I’m making a variety of items with a mixture of vintage and new materials. It will be a wonderful opportunity for me to see how well my items sell and I am hoping to make a more permanent business of this, selling on Etsy in the future. But, for now I will just have to be content with what opportunities the fair holds for me.