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The Ending of the Week

As it seems is always the way, we have come to the end of our week off and I am now finally starting to wind down and fully relax and tomorrow we go back to work, you just have to have a sense of humor about these things.

It was snowing when I woke up yesterday morning and after getting showered and dressed we walked the long way round to the grocery store. We bundled up and just took our time. It was beautiful and quiet as the snow fell around us. We even got to see a train rumble along below us as we stood on the bridge. I love trains.

We made homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch yesterday and just stayed cozy with blankets, copious amounts of tea and candles lit here and there. We each read and did a little work.  I decided on the first tiny stuffed animal I am going to make for a special little person and so I washed my fabric in preparation for that.

It was just a nice mellow day. We ate leftover homemade pizza from dinner on Friday night. I made that wonderful crust again from Annie’s Eats and Mr. Michie made his wonderful pesto again (the one he made for me on Valentine’s) and he smeared that on our crust, with diced tomatoes and cheese, it was delicious. We also watched Star Wars, so Mr. Michie was very happy!

A Snowy Monday

It began to snow last night, coming down in thick fat flakes and soon the street was covered. We awoke this morning to a good 2 inches (3 in some places) of snow and it is still coming down.

But my cozy snow day was not meant to be spent at home, so off to work we went. I think everyone is sad at the prospect of working on a snow day. Only because I feel snow seems to be nature’s way of telling you to slow down, to be, to take it in and not go outside, or if you do, it is for walks and playing, or getting more soup and bread supplies.

It was beautiful this morning. We watched the snow silently fall as we waited for the bus. The school was quiet when we entered, we were one of the first people in. I always enjoy those few quiet moments before the day begins and the noise never ceases. It is freezing in the cupboard today, I have yet to take off my coat and scarf. I might just unthaw by the time I go home.

We have chicken soup and homemade bread to look forward to tonight. I tried a new bread recipe yesterday, it is called, “peasant bread” and it is delicious. I discovered the recipe on Alexandra’s Kitchen. It has been on my “TO DO” list for ages and I am so happy that I finally made it.

I think we ate half of the loaf, standing over the kitchen counter like greedy little piglets, 5 minutes out of the oven, smothered in butter. Happiness is!

Even though it was cold, my giraffe wanted to go outside and taste a snowflake on his tongue. So we did, now he is bundled back up in the cupboard and drinking a hot cup of chocolate. With marshmallows of course!

Have a lovely Monday!


Back to school today, we can’t be too greedy with snow days I suppose, I shall count my lucky stars that we were given at least one.

There is a heavy fog outside and the snow is still blanketing everything. Where it has melted on the streets that has all turned to ice. It is freezing outside and our ears were getting redder and redder as we waited for the bus. It looked like a winter wonderland as we drove to school.

This was my calendar picture this morning and I thought it was rather appropriate:

Have a great day wherever you may be today!

Snow Day

School was cancelled last night due to the snow. So I am having my much longed for snow day! Woo-Hoo!

Today, we are staying cozy, I am trying to fight off a cold and I am working on a few projects. One project in particular that has been on the back burner for awhile and now I feel compelled to do something about it.

Hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you may be and I will be back soon…

A Walk in the Snow

We went for a walk today, we needed a few things for Sunday dinner. It has been snowing steadily since 8 this morning. It is beautiful.

We have our twinkle lights on, we have made a fresh pasta sauce, baked and iced homemade oatmeal cookies, I have listened to some Christmas tunes while laying in bed this morning watching the snow fall from the window. It has been wonderful.

I will share more of our day soon, for now, this is just a peek.

No Snow YET!

The snow didn’t come quickly enough this morning, so off to work we go. It will apparently be coming in at 10am this morning and possibly not stopping till Sunday if you go with one report. So, I imagine that it will be absolute chaos this afternoon trying to get all the students home, albeit organized chaos.

But, it is the weekend, so we have that to look forward too, even though we don’t have a cozy snow day off!

{image from my Winter board on Pinterest by Yohji Yamamoto}

UPDATE: it is now coming down like a little blizzard out there and we will be closing the school early this afternoon. It  looks just like a little snow globe outside that someone has shaken with dizzying delight. Just before it really started to fall heavily, I caught this little seagull just observing it all from the roof:

Snow is Coming

You can feel it. You can feel the air changing. Snow is coming. It is supposed to start tonight and continue into Saturday and boy do I hope the weathermen are right, because I am ready for at least one cozy snow day. I would love more, but I don’t want to be greedy. There is just a beauty in these unexpected days that are given to you. They are a gift.

I feel like a child on the eve of Christmas or a big party, the anticipation and hope that snow brings is almost too much. I want to read a book, watch a Christmas movie, turn on my twinkle lights (yes, they are still up, it might not be Christmas, but it is still winter and the glow of my garland and little tree, brings me happiness, they will come down soon) and just be.

I grew up in the South, so the very word SNOW meant that at the grocery store bread and milk would sell out in 5 minutes flat! People are a little like that here, so we are doing a grocery run tonight, just to be on the safe side and that way if we get the blizzard conditions they are predicting, I can just watch it from my window while we make soup and homemade bread and drink copious amounts of tea and hot chocolate!

We are in our second week back from Christmas and I feel like I am crawling along, I think my adrenaline has finally caved and now I am just running on will power. It is funny, when I speak to my colleagues; everyone feels that Christmas was just so far away, so much seems to have happened between now and then. Well, even if we don’t get a snow day tomorrow, we are almost at the weekend and that is a welcomed sigh of relief, two whole days to just call our own.

{image by Phoebe Wahl}


It snowed yesterday! These were shots I took from one of the Art classrooms. The snow fell in big fat flakes and quickly covered everything. Alas, we still had school and it was freezing, I kept my coat on all day!

I am still doing my snow dance, we all need just one snow day! Just one!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It is cold outside. The windowpanes were frosted this morning when we woke up, but the sunrise was gloriously greeting us as we headed to school. The sky was filled with pinks, peaches and hues of lemony yellows. It quickly turned into a violet gray and began to get darker and darker.

We arrived at school and I went upstairs to the Art department to get ready for our second day of exams, I had to run an errand at the front of the school and as I went downstairs and headed for the door the sky had gone from a violet gray to a charcoal white and snow was billowing down in great puffy pom-pom shaped balls.

I felt like Lucy from “Charlie Brown”, I wanted to dip my head back, lift my face to the sky and stick my tongue out and catch them. It lasted for only an hour or so and unfortunately didn’t stick, but it made my morning.

I have been listening to Christmas music all day today in the cupboard and I thought I would share an album I really like with you, enjoy!


There is snow on the ground tonight, a full moon in the heavens and the air is bitterly cold. So, this evening I think I shall curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, look at my twinkle lights glisten, listen to some music and just be. Have a lovely weekend…

(Image from The Sweetest Occasion)