Snow is Coming

You can feel it. You can feel the air changing. Snow is coming. It is supposed to start tonight and continue into Saturday and boy do I hope the weathermen are right, because I am ready for at least one cozy snow day. I would love more, but I don’t want to be greedy. There is just a beauty in these unexpected days that are given to you. They are a gift.

I feel like a child on the eve of Christmas or a big party, the anticipation and hope that snow brings is almost too much. I want to read a book, watch a Christmas movie, turn on my twinkle lights (yes, they are still up, it might not be Christmas, but it is still winter and the glow of my garland and little tree, brings me happiness, they will come down soon) and just be.

I grew up in the South, so the very word SNOW meant that at the grocery store bread and milk would sell out in 5 minutes flat! People are a little like that here, so we are doing a grocery run tonight, just to be on the safe side and that way if we get the blizzard conditions they are predicting, I can just watch it from my window while we make soup and homemade bread and drink copious amounts of tea and hot chocolate!

We are in our second week back from Christmas and I feel like I am crawling along, I think my adrenaline has finally caved and now I am just running on will power. It is funny, when I speak to my colleagues; everyone feels that Christmas was just so far away, so much seems to have happened between now and then. Well, even if we don’t get a snow day tomorrow, we are almost at the weekend and that is a welcomed sigh of relief, two whole days to just call our own.

{image by Phoebe Wahl}