Hello, December! We’ve already felt the crisp chill in the air that you bring and it is heavenly! We’re ready for the magic that you hold in this most glorious of seasons. We’re ready for hot chocolate and quiet early mornings in the dark where we softly listen to Christmas music and let the morning unfold as it will.

We’re ready for late nights by the glow of the Christmas tree lights to watch old movies while we feast on popcorn . We’re ready to work on our Christmas puzzles and play endless games of Scrabble. We’re ready for the stillness that you bring as the world darkens and quiets.

We’re ready for school to come to a close for the year and the breathing space that brings. We’re ready for the mile high coconut cake that Christmas will deliver and the fact that a piece or two might get eaten for breakfast alongside a fresh cup of coffee.

We’re ready for holiday baking and the house to smell of gingerbread. We’re ready for frosty morning walks where the breeze bites our cheeks and we stop to watch the waves roll in and maybe spot a seal or two. We’re ready for all that you hold and have to offer and the enchanting feeling that hangs in the air like mist.

{Snow at a Shrine Entrance, Kawase Hasui, 1929 // Found HERE}