Hello February! We’re ready for hot chocolate swirled with whipped cream on still frosty mornings; the world around us turning pink, white and red in the celebration of L-O-V-E that you bring on the 14th.

We’re ready for more nights spent eating popcorn and watching old movies together. And we’re ready for cold nights where we eat breakfast for dinner by candlelight and listen to albums on the stereo. We’re ready for that much needed downtime in this whirlwind; for those quiet moments to savour books that we have been greedily devouring.

We’re ready to continue cherishing these slower winter days where we watch, little by little, the sun stay out a bit longer each day. We’re ready to see those first glimmers of spring: bulbs sprouting up inch by inch and buds forming on trees, soon to burst forth in the coming months. 

We’re not wishing away this slower pace. Rather, we’re enjoying the stillness and the reflective mood that the final month of winter offers, before spring comes into full bloom.

February, this year you take us full circle to the cusp that we were standing on last year before madness descended. And we have found our way each month and we shall continue to do the same through your days and weeks. We will persist in finding the pleasure in the little things. We will continue to dream, to laugh and to breathe in the world around us. 

We’re ready for you February. 

{“Dear Frost” by Lore Pemberton // Pinned HERE}