Autumnal Equinox

Jennifer Michie Hydrangea

Today we celebrate the first day of Fall. It felt as if we were quickly being ushered in this morning. The air was crisp, the dew looked almost frosted. As I walked to work, leaves twirled down around me from their lofty branches to softly land on the street, forming little crunchy pools of decay.

Summer fought her way back this afternoon as the sun was blazing and it was decidedly warm. But, the evening is cooling off, there’s a bite to the air. I think we’re moving into sweater weather.

One thought on “Autumnal Equinox

  1. Joann

    Our days have still been quite warm- mid 80’s this week and 70’s and 80’s next week. Evenings, however, are dipping into cooler temps…high 40’s and if the door is left open as we sit in the evening (which is rare)…to sit, that is, I need a blanket or a sweater. I could just close the door, but it feels too good…


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