Jennifer Michie Brewer Street

I use a number of shortcuts streets when I’m traveling around central London. One of my favourite is Brewer Street. I had an errand to run tonight on Carnaby Street, then I slipped through Kingly Court to pick up some wonton soup for us at Cha Cha Moon and finally I headed to Whole Foods to grab a couple of things on my way home. Brewer Street was my cut through.

My favourite Italian Deli, Lina’s, is on Brewer Street as well as a sweet ice cream parlour. It’s one of those great streets, you know? The brick, the colours, the buildings. It’s the kind of street that looks like it could have been on an album cover in the 70s or 80s, with Bob Dylan walking down the middle of the road or something along those lines.

It always looks pretty, but there is a magic to it at Christmas. I snapped a picture of the twinkle lights overhead as I waited to cross the street tonight. It made me smile. Here’s to finding joy in the little things and here’s to the weekend, long may it last.