Jennifer Michie Rainy Morning

It was dark, raining and very windy when I left the cottage this morning. It was still dark when my train pulled into London. The view from my carriage window was blurred by the raindrops speeding down the glass, their velocity matching the train. The lights we passed seemed to stretch out for miles, the dark and the rain exaggerating their glow.

I found my salvation this morning at 7:26am, while waiting for the tube, I took my first glorious sip of hot coffee. I’m normally up not long after 5, so by that point in the morning, I am more than ready for a little jolt of caffeine. Everyone was quiet this morning. The darkness, the rain, the fact that it was another Monday all played their part, I think.

It has rained off and on all day. Night is starting to close in earlier now. You can tell that we are not that far off from moving our clocks back and shortening our days. We have sat on the cusp long enough, I think we are finally slipping into Autumn.