Jennifer Michie Dawn

It felt Fall-ish this weekend. It was cool and rainy on Saturday, sunny and chilly yesterday. Today I left the house to a dark and windy morning, which slowly budded into the most gorgeous sunrise, the sky was filled with pink and gold and a deep purple, the trees and houses I passed, black silhouettes against the rising dawn. All this beauty had vanished behind clouds and a rain filled sky by the time I got off the tube.

It feels like Fall has arrived to England. Blustery, rainy weather and the crunch of leaves underfoot. I just wanted to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea this afternoon. It feels like sweater weather!

Below is a small Autumn Playlist that I made, these songs make me think of hot apple cider, pumpkins, sweaters, the leaves changing, the evenings closing in sooner, the train racing past fields filled with birds following the Harvester, rainy afternoons and crispy mornings, to name but a few things.

Autumn Days by Jennifer Michie on Grooveshark