Jennifer Michie Dale Chihuly London

I am a huge Dale Chihuly fan! I remember the first time I every saw his work in person. It was the early 2000s and the Victoria & Albert Museum was holding an exhibition of his work. There was one piece in which you walked through a tunnel and once inside you were completely surrounded by colorful pieces of glass that stretched and twisted around you. There were lights shining through that sparkled and shimmered. It was like walking through a coral reef. I fell in love.

He has a show on at the moment at the Halcyon Gallery in London. We stopped by this weekend and this was a quick snap I grabbed. What he does with glass is truly mesmerizing. I could quite happily have this in my home and look at it everyday! You could walk around it a hundred times and still find something new to discover. It was like a moored boat that has started to grow the strangest barnacles out of its hull.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be today.

Dale Chihuly

The Halcyon Gallery