Jennifer Michie Spring Blooms

It feels like Spring is starting to arrive to little ole England. We have had a few days this week where you can feel it coming. The light is brighter the shadows are changing, bringing a small taste of what is to come.

But colder weather is returning again this weekend, you can feel it already. The cottage was very chilly this morning. Yesterday the sun was streaming down, this morning the sky is dark and a stormy powdered steel. It has been raining steadily since very early this morning. The back and forth of the weather isn’t giving the plants a lot if chances, they all seem a bit confused.

I walk by this tree every day and it has had blooms on it all through Christmas and is still blooming now.

Its branches are dotted with miniature cotton candy pink starry shaped blooms. They are so delicate. I shot this with my IPhone and I liked the fact that I wasn’t tall enough to get the blossoms in full focus, it kept putting the branches in the background in focus, it gives it almost an ethereal appearance.

I love this tree! It’s these little things along the way that make you smile, drops of beauty scattered throughout your day, if you look for them.