Jennifer Michie Man and Dog

I know this photo is a little grainy, but today I don’t mind. I was working in the main studio yesterday, which is nestled on the third floor of the main school building and overlooks the park across the street.

I like to people watch from my little perch while I’m doing things. There are always the sounds of children playing and laughing, joggers, friends meeting for a chat on one of the benches and there are always dogs. Sometimes I feel like Pongo in 101 Dalmations, watching the dogs and their owners stroll by. Do you remember that scene? Where the dogs and the owners walking by the window of his flat, look like one another, I think that is true.

I watched this elderly man meander down the path yesterday, his little dog leading the way. They both walked with a certain gait, they both kept their heads bent down. If you put a tiny cap on that dog, he could have been the furry version of his owner. Ever so often if the man slowed the little dog would turn around and look at him waiting for him to catch up.

He would run back to check on his master every now and then, jumping up slightly to lick his hand. When the elderly man finally decided to rest and sit down on a park bench, his dog jumped up right beside him and sat on his haunches. The two of them sat there in agreeable silence and watched the world go by. I liked it.