We’ve Made It!

Sleeping Pug

I’m pooped! It took us four days to get back home to London. Which in turn gave us an extra night with our family (a true blessing), a night snowed in at a Chicago hotel with movies and great pizza, and an all day wait at the airport, praying we would be lucky enough to get standby seats and not have to return to a hotel. Our prayers were answered and we touched down at 5:22am. It is always bittersweet to come home. I love London, but I miss the people that I leave behind.

We got home, showered, did a few odds and ends and then spent the day running errands, trying to get caught up for the beginning of the working week. And what a week it has been; long days, where I could have almost fallen asleep standing up accompanied by a lot of long nights as there has just been so much going on. I’ve hardly been able to catch my breath.

So, to say that I am elated that it is FRIDAY, is an understatement! There is still so much to get caught up with this weekend, but one thing’s for sure, I am definitely going to try and catch up on a little sleep.

The weekend is HERE! Long may it last!

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