Last weekend we went to the market and came home with bags of apples. I peeled, watching the skin tendril down from the delicate pinky white flesh of the apples, while Mr. Michie sliced them up.

Together we made our first batch of apple butter of the season and it is delicious! The house smelled of Christmas. A sweet tangy cinnamon scent filled the air, while it slowly simmered down. We have spent this past week, gobbling up our first jar. We have had it smeared over toast, biscuits, sandwiches and last night I had some mashed into a baked sweet potato! MMM!

So, our first batch is ready and jarred up for us to feast on and to give as Christmas presents.

Jennifer Michie Apple Butter 1 Jennifer Michie Apple Butter 2 Jennifer Michie Apple Butter 3 Jennifer Michie Apple Butter 4