I found this short film to be thought provoking, as I have often watched the students with their sketchbooks. They are very precious with them. They don’t want to make a mistake; they want everything to look perfect. But, that is not what a sketchbook is for. The very essence of “sketch” is not about perfection. Your sketchbook exists to get it out, to rough it out, hash it out, and rip it out, to see your idea evolve.

I am guilty of it as well.  Oh, the power of a blank page. Sometimes it is simply that, a blank page waiting to be filled and at other times it is a mine field. I am nervous to take my first step in case it goes wrong.

So, the very idea of creating something in a sense that is ethereal, appealed to me. It takes the edge away, you make a mistake you erase it, you don’t worry about perfection, because it won’t be there forever, it is just about the process and that is just if not more at times as important as the final piece.

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