Liberty Leading the People, 1830, by Eugene Delacroix

Well, it is Wednesday and what a week this has been so far! I woke up yesterday thinking, can it only be Tuesday? Certainly so much has happened since Monday we must be farther into the week, but alas, it was only Tuesday.

This week hitherto has consisted of a lot of late nights, as we put the final touches on the Art Show, get everything ready for the moderator, then get everything back to exhibition standards tomorrow before the big night. It is always a whirlwind.┬áBut, it is also very satisfying to see all of the student’s work hung up.

It is funny, as this is the time of year when you think things should be winding down in school, but they aren’t. People are almost under more pressure than normal as things begin to come to a close. As exasperating as work can be at times, I have always felt that you just deal with it as seamlessly as possible. A kind word and a smile, works wonders, don’t let anyone tell you different!

Also, laughing, because if you can’t laugh, then you’ve got nothing. My mornings normally consist of numerous last minute requests from all directions, so you prioritize, muck in and get it done. This morning was no different, just coupled with the fact the moderator is coming and ensuring everything they need is available to them.

I stopped for a brief second to check my e-mail and saw the daily exclusions and suspensions notice that is sent out. There was one student who had been listed as internally suspended today. Next to their name was written the reason given for them being in the suspension room and I quote, “plotting a uniform coup”.

Well, I don’t think I have laughed so hard first thing in the morning like that since I don’t know when. It sounded so 18th century, the smell of gunpowder and treason pungent in the air. I could just see a line of students charging the gates, Liberty holding their battle flag as it dips and sways in the breeze and not a uniform in sight!

Here’s to Wednesday, because it signals that we have almost made it to the weekend.