Custard Creams

A cup of tea and a nice biscuit, just go hand in hand in England. It seems wrong to have one without the other.

However, I quite often have one without the other and I drink my tea all wrong as I am mostly a black tea drinker and not a milk or milk and sugar tea drinker.One of the local coffee shops has started creating giant versions of some of England’s best loved biscuits to have with your hot beverage of choice. One of these biscuits being a custard cream. This homemade custard cream is¬†absolutely¬†divine and the perfect thing for a Monday morning breakfast!

I definitely needed a pick-me-up this morning as we have been up since just before 3am with Mr. Michie getting sick and I have left him at home and in bed today. I spent a good hour of early yesterday morning getting rid of ants that had invaded my kitchen over night. We discovered that their nest was in one of the pots by our front door that contained my climbing rose.

Unfortunately the entire pot had to go as the hive was just too large to contain, they started to spill out of the pot and they were inside some of the dead areas of my rose that were clipped down at the bottom. I am always sad to lose plants as I am attached to them. They bring me such happiness. But, there are more flowers by my door now, and that tub will really fill out in a week or so.

I also re-potted my orchids, so hopefully they will be happy with fresh bark and new pots, we will just have to wait and see. We made homemade pizzas last night with crumbled sausage, fennel and sauteed rapini. It was a really nice combination, It was light and tasted of Spring.

Mr. Michie also took me on a Saturday date and we saw “Iron Man 3”. We both really liked it. There is nothing better then watching a good movie, munching on popcorn and holding hands with your sweetie!

So, all in all it was a really good weekend, it just went by in the blink of an eye!

2 thoughts on “Custard Creams

  1. Anonymous

    I do not drink tea with milk nor do I drink it with sugar………

    sometimes, however, I put honey in it and almost always lemon.

    I love cookies, but being GF has put some serious limitations on my tea and cookie encounters, but tea and cookies is one of my greatest pleasures…….and mashed potatoes!
    I’m so sorry Mr. Michie is not feeling well. Give him lots of hugs and maybe even some tea….
    I’m so happy you enjoyed your movie! We went to see 42 and loved it and we saw Legally Blonde in the live theater on Saturday night. It was incredibly funny and lots of fun. Our meal, unfortunately, was not the best, but the play more than made up for it!

    Can you believe it’s April 30? Oh my….
    Let’s make MAY the best month ever!!

    No ants……….just all pretty things! and don’t let those little things that bother us bother us one little bit….

  2. Jennifer Michie

    I love lemon in my tea! I put honey in it sometimes too! I have to say, I would miss cookies if I couldn’t have them!

    Mr. Michie is on the mend, back in school even though he should be resting, but I know you know fully well the life of a teacher.

    I wanted to see Legally Blonde, but I missed it on the stage, one of my friends saw it and said the dogs dancing were just too cute!

    Jennifer xx

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