I love this little picture. I found it awhile ago, I am ashamed to say, I don’t remember where, and the caption underneath it said, “Sometimes life is tough and that’s ok!”

What a day this has been! I feel like this miniature bunny, I need to be on my couch, with a soothing eye mask and recovering from the hectic pace of my school day.

We had our first Art Show of the season tonight. One of the students cut her finger pretty deeply while trying to trim her work to be mounted, so off we went to see the school nurse and then off she went to the ER.

That was the only major drama for today. We hung the show in a day, piecing it together as more work trickled in. It finally came together in the end as it always does, I don’t panic, because I know that it will be alright.

Mr. Michie took care of me and brought me a banana and a bottle of water for lunch to make sure I ate. I don’t worry about eating on days like this, our time is too precious in setting up the show to waste any of it, as I am working to a deadline, but, I appreciated him looking after me and my banana was a welcome gift.

We had a wonderful turn out and a lot of nice work. Now I am home, lying next to Mr. Michie on our bed, the hum of the radiators is the only noise besides my typing away and we are pooped! There is a comfort in the silence.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so glad I made it through this week!