We awoke to rain this morning, beating against the window panes and thundering down on the roof. It was still slightly dark outside and our room felt warm and cozy and bear cave like. Mr. Michie left me to make a pot of coffee and I feel back to sleep for another 20 minutes. One of those wonderfully restful sleeps, where you know you have had the best sleep in that time then you had during entire the night.

We made pancakes and sausage for breakfast, a special Sunday treat. It is quiet today, the house is quiet, we are quiet, outside is quiet. I think the house knows that we are going back to school tomorrow and it will be mourning its happy occupants this past week who filled the house during the day.

I enjoy my work with the students, but I must say, I am very selfish with my time, I have relished this week of just being. I didn’t accomplish everything that I wanted too, but that is alright. It was what it was supposed to be and we rested and pitter-pattered around and cooked great food together and listened to music and caught up on some TV shows we watch and munched on Halloween candy┬áin-between.

I have meant to share this for awhile now, but for one reason or another I just forgot. The weather seems to fit the mood of the colors used in this piece today and watching this is like seeing a magic trick take place before you.

This was created by the very talented Maisie Broadhead, she is known for her photographic parodies where she recreates fine art paintings into photographs. She has work in the The National Gallery Photography Exhibition that has just started this past week, Seduced by Art. It is on my list of exhibits I would like to see.

We are going to continue to just be today. Mr. Michie is planning a few lessons and grading papers, I am staying cozy, listening to music, reading and planning on making one of our favorite Julia Child chicken recipes tonight, to celebrate the end of our week and the start of our next school term.