Pioneer Woman

I am a pioneer woman. All the women in my family are. We travel where our lives take us and we keep the home fires burning. My mother and her mother before that and her mother before that and so on have given me that gift, I am fortunate and I mean this with every ounce of humbleness, I am a good homemaker. I know how to keep a home and how to make a home, they have bestowed that blessing on me.

However, I am lucky in that, I am a modern pioneer woman, I am a pioneer woman with Skype. On this day before Thanksgiving when I can’t be with my family, I am blessed that I can see their beautiful faces.

It is not always easy being apart from them, but I am married now and wherever Mr. Michie is, is HOME. I am so fortunate, that when I packed up my wagon and headed in my case east  vs. the west of wagons ho, I knew that it was not forever, to never ever see my family again. Those were brave women, to leave behind everything they knew, for a new world.

As you pack up your wagons to travel to family and friends this holiday season, I pray that you are well and your journeys safe.

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2 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, I missed this post earlier…. It is so wonderful that you are a pioneer woman. I definitely WAS a pioneer woman. We lived in so many different places and I made each one of them a special place for us. But now….I’m a little ‘attached.’

    I long to stay in Colorado and make a home for my own family to come back to and I secretly wish they all lived here, too…(sometimes, NOT so secretly!)

    When my youngest moved to California, I knew exactly how it felt; however, I did that very thing so much younger than her. So, I understand it and yet, I know how brief life can be sometimes and how I don’t want to just send emails. I want to sit down face-to-face and have a cup of tea and chat and hug really really hard before we leave for our own homes….

    So, I honor you and see myself completely and wonder if you, too, shall change any as you grow older….maybe if all the other women are pioneers, too….it will all be just perfect!


  2. Jennifer Michie

    Maybe, if we are all pioneers, it shall be perfect! I do long for a home of our own a place that our one day children can grow up in and come back too, but maybe we have gypsy hearts and that is not to be, we shall travel with the wind… We have carved a home for ourselves here, but we shall see where the road takes us! xx

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