Finished! Today, I finished a project for work that has eaten up a lot of my free time at work and personally. It is for our upcoming Art trip. I normally create a giant map with a variety of information on it for the students to use when we are away.

This year, however, we decided to try something different, I created a booklet, that will outline our itinerary and the tasks that the students will have to complete when visiting exhibitions, museums and galleries.

That way, it is clearly written down, concise and no one has to try and tell 50+ students what they need to specifically be looking at when we enter a museum while the city is bustling all around us and you are trying to shout over the noise of traffic.

It is a big undertaking each year, but one that I enjoy. I get to be creative; creative in a school way, I mean. But, I am always glad when it is done, I get to breath again.

So, here’s to finished projects, to Tuesday being over, because that means tomorrow is Wednesday and we are that much closer to the weekend and here’s to the start of pumpkin season!