Crisp. That is the adjective to describe the past two days. It was crisp yesterday morning and warmed up through the day, but the evening turned chilly once more. I went to the theater with a friend last night and as we headed down into the tube the warm air, for once, was a welcome. It was chilly walking to the car when we got out. Our arms were covered in goosebumps.

When I arrived home, the heating was on and the house smelled like my cinnamon room oil, it was very cozy. Autumn is coming, she is whispering her presence through the breeze, through the sunlight that is changing and dappling through the trees, through the leaves that are just beginning to lose their emerald green tones.

I love all seasons, each has its own song to sing. I love the crisp time that we are entering, when pumpkins shall soon appear, when apples are crunchy as you bite into them, promising the best of fall in a mouthful and night begins to close in on us a little quicker than usual.

(image found at Wistfully Country)