Well, it is Thursday today, which means that tomorrow is Friday and we are almost at the weekend. I can’t wait! This week of going back to school has been busy beyond belief, there is so much to do and my to-do list keeps getting longer. But, that is alright, I will get it all accomplished.

This weekend, I am going to attack the rest of the house that I haven’t already attacked and finish unpacking from our Summer trip home. We are still living out of a suitcase, partly because, I am always sad for a little while when I have to leave my family to come home again and partly because we have been so busy doing other things around the house that we haven’t gotten to it yet. But, again, that is alright, we will get it all accomplished.

The one big thing, I hope to get accomplished this weekend is buying some plants for my little garden, it is looking very sad at the moment and my little garden never looks sad. The weather has changed, it is cool in the evenings, hot during the day, it is “Indian Summer” weather. I am hoping to get a couple of flats of fall colored pansies, at the market, as they always look so pretty in the pots and maybe a mum or too, such a happy little plant. It is just a carpet of flowers.

I am ready for fall, I am ready for pumpkins and crunchy leaves and spiced cider and candles lit everywhere and chilly eves and witch’s moons and golden sunsets and the smell of a wood fire permeating the nighttime air. I am ready.