Are We There Yet?

Maybe it is because we had Monday off last week for the May Bank Holiday, thus making the week shorter? Or, maybe it is because Mr. Michie has been sick most of the weekend and we are a house running on little sleep? But, this morning as I washed my hair, I excitedly though, hooray! Only two more days to go and it is the weekend.

Once, I washed the suds out of my hair, I realized, that I was blinded by soap and sleep and it was actually only Tuesday and not Wednesday as I had believed 10 seconds before. How did that happen?

I was saddened by the thought that it was only Tuesday and in case your week is shaping up to be as long as mine, I thought I would share with you a few things that brightened my day, I hope they brighten yours:

Happy 82nd Birthday to Jasper Johns! One of my favorite artists and one of the best papers I ever wrote in college was about him.

This banana chocolate smoothie, found at Annie’s Eats, looks scrumptious:

This “beached” whale by the Argentinean sculptor Adrian Villar Rojas, he looks magical:


This image by the artist Chris Turnham, it reminded me of older Disney drawings, or something that had been created for “UP”:

Well, tomorrow it will be Wednesday and then we will only have 2 more days to go and then it is the weekend again.

2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Anonymous

    I need to write to you!!! I have been overwhelmed by graduation, Rod not feeling well, my mom here for a visit, and LOTS of house cleaning, etc. So YAY to Wednesday….and on to the weekend!! Hoping that Mr. Michie feels better quickly.


    1. Jennifer Michie

      Don’t you worry, I know you are busy! I can’t wait to hear about how things are going. Couldn’t watch it earlier, but I am going to sit down and watch the Graduation video later! You guys must be so proud! Jennifer xx

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