The Christmas Angel

When Mr. Michie and I were first married we searched high and low for the perfect angel for our tree. She couldn’t be just any old angel, she had to be special. We searched here and there for quite some time and one day, I came across this angel and she spoke to me.

I met the artist who created her out of vintage French millinery items and had handcrafted and painted her face. Claire was a kindred spirit and I knew this angel was supposed to be ours. I asked if she had a name and I was told it was Genevieve, that sealed the deal!

She was nestled into a pink striped box and tied up with a vintage ribbon. So, home she came with me and we have enjoyed taking her out every Christmas. She looks like she could be on top of a Christmas tree in Little Women.

This year, I have put up a smaller tree in the bedroom and so Genevieve is gracing our mantel instead. She looked so pretty in the white wintery light this morning I just had to take a picture of her. Is there a special item that sits atop your tree every year? I’d love to know if there is!

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Angel

  1. LoveHector

    We have a handmade fabric star with “Star of Wonder” written on it. It is the last thing placed on the tree and the last thing taken off on twelth night. We always have mulled wine while decorating and taking down the tree. I love family traditions they make Christmas extra special,

  2. Jennifer Michie

    That sounds beautiful! I love family traditions as well and I think they are very important, they are something not to be lost, but to be treasured and to carry on to the next generation. Did someone special make your star for you?

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