Walk 1

It has been raining off and on for a few days now keeping me cooped up in doors. So, when a brief moment of stillness fell upon the world and the pitter-patter of raindrops subsided, I decided to take a stroll through the woods, in the hope of seeing a little ray of sun; relishing the chance to stretch my legs.

I walked down the lane and headed toward the pond when I saw a little man staring at me through the blades of grass. We just stood there for a moment spying each other and then more little hooded men came onto the path.

Walk 2

I realized that I had stumbled onto something magical, something few creatures get to see: A little gnome colony. I decided to follow them and was invited to see their moss garden.

Walk 3

I found a little watering can next to a mushroom and carried that up the hill with me. There was a little party of gnomes up there, gently tending to their garden.

Walk 6

Walk 7

I set down my watering can and began to look around. One was pushing a little wheelbarrow, one was raking through the fine mossy mesh and the one in the front carried a little lantern so they could see their way home at night.

Walk 8

They stopped for lunch and I was invited to join them. We drank apple cider from the caps of acorns and feasted on crusty bread and nettle soup.

Walk 4 Walk 5I thanked them after we were done and headed home (as I knew Gigi would be getting worried) with the promise to return soon. I was waved goodbye, by this little chap happily sitting on a miniature toadstool. It was a lovely afternoon, spent in the company of very jovial little gnomes.

Sitting on a Toadstool