Mr. Michie and I like to give each other little love gifts, nothing huge, just little surprises here and there to bring a smile to that person’s face. A little “hello”, a little “someone is thinking about you”, a little “someone appreciates you had a tough week”, a little “I Love You” kind of gifts.

I got a little gift like this placed in my hand a while ago. It was a box of Peppersmith Gum. I tell you, I was instantly smitten! I love packaging, that is after all what you see first and often, I am tempted simply by that factor alone. Yes, crazy as it sounds, I will buy something because I love the box that it is in.

When you purchase something for the design and asethics of the packaging, it does not always deliver. This, however, certainly did! Because inside this smartly clad box is some of the best gum, I have ever had the pleasure to chew away on. Not only, was Charlie Chaplin on our box, a little info was printed up on him as well, the little touches that make all the difference.

What excited me more than anything, is that I don’t have to save the wrapper, or dig through my purse to find a scrap piece of paper or receipt to spit my gum out in, they have already solved that problem by providing that answer with moustache decorated paper tucked into the lid of their box. It is ingenious, I tell you! Ingenious!

Mr. Michie found this for me at Whole Foods, if you can find it at a store near you, please run out and buy it, it not only in the cutest packaging, it is also delicious!