Painted Piggies

I got a pedicure yesterday after I left work, and I tell you, it is always such a treat! To just be, for that hour and have someone do something for you, is beyond wonderful. As usual these ladies performed miracles, I do yoga and am on my feet most of the day, so they are not always in the best of shape.

Mr. Michie and I did try something together last week over 1/2 term, in the desire to give our feet a break, we had our feet nibbled on by Doctor Fish. After the initial giggles from the tickling of their little mouths, it felt like champagne bubbles were all around my feet. They started a really wonderful thing, I was on my way to the smoothest feet I have had in a very long time and the ladies at the salon, finished it off last night, after they pulled out the electric sander and hacksaw!

I always pick a different colour when I go, normally I choose pinks and peaches for Spring and keep my bright reds and pinks and melons for Summer and the more dark reds for Fall/Winter, or I just go through a phase and only wear one particular colour for a little while. Yesterday, I went for a colour which I thought was going to be more of a ballerina tutu pink when it was on judging by the colour in the bottle, but as it turns out, it is a very simple pearlized colour.

And, I kinda like it. It is not my norm, far from it. I very rarely paint my fingernails, they are usually wrecked in one day, but my toes, on the other hand, I love to have painted. It just makes me feel pretty. So I normally pick a colour that I like, and will be visible on my little piggies when I look down at them.

Next time, I will pick something a little more peachy, I noticed the perfect colour sitting on their shelf while my feet were soaking, but I always think every colour I pick is perfect for that day, that mood… I suppose this simplistic yet elegant colour I chose, is a little of what I am attempting my weekend to be, simplistic, yet wonderful. After a full week back at school, I am taking this weekend easy.

I hope you get to do one thing just for YOU this weekend or coming week. We all forget and it is important to carve out time for ourselves, I am trying to be better at this, but it is not an easy habit to break, when you don’t normally do that, but little by little, I’ll get there.

{Colour: Isn’t It Romantic by OPI}