Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate

The Polar Express was one of my favourite books growing up! My librarian in school read it to us one afternoon and I can still remember her speaking the words in her crisp little voice and then turning the book for us to see, the plastic covering crinkling as she bent the spine back and moved it in a sweeping motion across our eager faces, so we could all see the illustrations.

That afternoon, when my Mom came to pick me up, I climbed into the car and proceeded to tell her all about it. Well, elves must have been listening, because that Christmas, I received a beautiful hardback copy of the book under my Christmas tree, signed by Mr. C.

When the Polar Express movie came out a few years ago,  I couldn’t wait to see it. It differs from the book in that they had to flesh the story out to make it a feature animation, but Mr. Michie and I just loved it. One of our favourite parts was this:

You can’t watch this and not want to run to Paris to sip some of Angelina’s rich hot chocolate with mountains of sweetened cream scooped on the top, well at least I can’t watch it without desiring too!