Christmas Cards

Everyone, I have spoken with this year, has commented that Christmas has just come to fast. That, it has just suddenly appeared and there isn’t enough time to get all the presents, do all the Christmas dinner shopping and even send out their annual cards.

I am ashamed to say that this year, I have fallen into one of the above stated categories. I am not sending out Christmas cards. We have had work taking place at our little cottage and the cards I bought are packed up in a box I can’t get to. My new work schedule does not make it easy to get things done some days and Saturdays seem to be taken up by everything else, but what I actually want to do.

But, I am taking this in my stride. I have decided that I will be sending out “Happy New Year’s” cards instead. I will design something myself and get them printed and then mailed out. It will be a little something to cheer the one’s I love after Christmas has come and gone; a little gift in their postbox from me.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed this time of year with all that is going on around us. But, last year one of my dearest friends and yoga buddies, gave me a photocopied page out of a book, dealing with stress over the holidays. One, of the suggestions was that on Christmas Eve, or even the day before you pick a time that you are going to stop. And at that point, whether you have gotten everything done or not, you sit down, have a glass of eggnog and begin to enjoy what is in front of you. To take it all in, because, we all seem to work and work and then it is gone in the blink of an eye and during that time, did we even take a moment to catch our breath and enjoy it?

So, this year, I am not going to beat myself up over the fact that I have not bee able to send Christmas cards, I have come up with another solution and I am going to make sure that I take in all that the season has to offer, I hope that you do as well!

(Image found on Flickr)