A Farm Chicks Christmas

The lovely Serena of The Farm Chicks has published another beautiful book, this time a Christmas one. I love books, the feel of them, the delight in turning the page and feeling the paper on your fingertips, the smell of them; old and new.

This was a book that was delivered to my racing green door, now decorated with Indian Corn for Autumn, that I wasn’t sure I wanted to open. The vibrant colors were so charming set against my crisp white tablecloth, I wanted it to stay that way, but my fingers got the better of me and as I peeled back the covers I was not disappointed.

Each page holds a treasure of delights, from stories, to recipes, to decorating ideas.  It is filled with mouthwatering images so gorgeously displayed. There was, amongst it all, one section that caught my eye as I thumbed through the pages and that was an image of a tag poised over a page with the words, “It’s the Thought that Counts” held within its round frame.

When giving or receiving a gift, that is a statement that I truly believe in. Anything given with love and from the heart is a gift worth receiving and I’m telling you this book, which is beyond enchanting and filled with all the coziness of Christmas, could only be given with love.  If you don’t have it already, I hope you are lucky enough to have Santa leave this under the tree for you!

Serena is having a virtual book signing party tomorrow, Friday November 5th, so be sure to take a peek, it is a great opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping and give someone a gift there is no way they wouldn’t be smitten with that in their little mittens!