One of my colleagues in the Art Department is a wonderfully delightful woman. She usually marches into my cupboard in the morning, singing “Hello” to me, like my own personal Ethel Merman.

She was commissioned by a county museum to create a piece about books. She used a vintage book and then began to take it apart. Drilling through it, slicing out interesting text and images, putting it back together in an accordion fold, that when opened creates the most fascinating scenes as you peer through the “tunnel” into the book. One of my favourite bits of text is the one used in the image above, “A constant source of surprise, was the joy of doing it”.

A resourceful artist and one who does not waste, she stacked the circles that were drilled out of the book on top of each other and screwed in a acrylic holder to make a resting spot for the book when it is closed.

It is a truly charming piece of work and is something that I will be photographing and documenting over on In the Art Cupboard this week, so please come over and take a look!