Ice-Cream Treats

I love these waxed paper cups from Paper Treat’s Etsy Store. Although, no longer available they look too cute not to share!

What is it about ice-cream in a waxed paper cup that screams: Summertime, happiness and childhood? It makes me dream for a waxed paper Dennis the Menace cup from Diary Queen, a dipped one of course!

I adore their cones, but if you get your frosty treat in a cup, there is always more of your dipped flavour of choice pooled around and frozen in the bottom of the cup, little mountains of chocolate chunks, waiting for you!

I loved going there when we were little. On hot Summer nights, my parents would load us up in the car and we would head out for an evening ride, usually ending up at Dairy Queen for a dip cone. It was such a hard choice to decide between the chocolate dip or the cherry one.

Did you dip vanilla ice-cream or chocolate? Oh, the tough choices you had to make when you were little! The choice of dessert was usually the most important decision you possibly made all day, except of course a peanut butter & jelly or a ham & cheese sandwich for lunch!

But, Dairy Queen does not exist in England, so in this hot day today, it will have to exist simply in my dreams….

**UPDATE: Thanks to SuzieButton for letting me know, these are back in-stock in Paper Treat’s Etsy store!